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My Name is Greg Young and I’m a 20 year HND student based in Glasgow, I enjoy using Illustrator and InDesign to create my Projects/work.


My current project ‘Birds at dusk’ is a set of two posters created in illustrator using a set of opposing colour schemes to keep them unique, and the way I approached this project was to try and incorporate the Shadows and dark undefined edges with the vivid coloured sky’s that appear during 

The period of time known as dusk.


I managed to achieve this design by sketching the Night Heron and the Carrion Crow in a rough manner to create the idea of a shadow that is hard to make out in the night sky, I then digitalised it by using a mixture of the pen tool and custom brushes made on illustrator, and during the sketching and thumbnail process I realized the addition of branches of a tree and the moon would help me to create the desired feel and mood for my posters. I am usually drawn towards Swiss style but for this, I thought I’d go for a completely different style and make it look rough instead of clean and minimalist, and I believe I have achieved this by creating a grungy atmosphere throughout both designs but they are similar enough that you can tell they are connected.


The inspiration behind this design came from home as I live in the countryside with a forest

to the back  of my house and you very often hear the birds chirp as I try to sleep 

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